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Dueling Fencers

Donate Fencing Gear

Donating unsold equipment, unwanted fencing equipment or uniforms is a practical, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way for you, your school or organization to help to support fencing in the Cayman Islands. 

For some of our young Caymanian fencers, fencing equipment is a luxury they cannot afford. Fencing can be notoriously expensive, from registration fees, to fencing lessons, to uniforms and proper equipment. And what is fencing without a sword, glove, mask and jacket?

If you’re cleaning out the locker, upgrading equipment and notice old gloves, swords, masks or fencing gear, consider passing them on to our fencers who will be able to use them.  

Please contact us at to learn more about how to donate equipment to a deserving youth fencer.

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